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After confirming that the 2016 Men's U.S.A. Basketball National Team and the 1992 Dream Team would be included in the upcoming "NBA 2K17," 2K Sports has now released photos of the two teams.
Take a look at the entire Team USA roster for the upcoming Rio 2016 Olympic Games and the original Dream Team from 1992—with Charles Barkley and Scottie Pippen.
The following are players's views about the USA Team screenshot.

Paul George's shoes clipping through the floor. Kevin Durant's arms clipping through his thighs.

And Draymond Green looks as if he is cropped or something to the right.

Apparently the source was the Team USA website, but I could never see the actual screenshot from them.

And where is Derozan?

Who added after him: I think I see a hand next to Boogie. Likely him, don't know why he's not with Kyle though.

The clipping most likely isn't to do with the game mechanics, it's likely made in a game dev environment where they can pose players etc. in different poses ignoring the game physics of course.

Probably just have that in 2K17 as well, Kyrie, and Melo look updated.

I would love to actually use this court for MyTeam/Gauntlet or something. I imagine NBA 2K17 MT load times would be quicker than loading a whole arena.

Yea, load times are pretty fast, as well as the frame rate. On my old PC on low I could get about max 30 FPS, on the modded court I could get to 60 FPS easily. Only problem is 2K didn't put in everything, so when you go to a timeout the framerate tanks, since they all merge into one another in the center of the court.

Looks like this was a leaked shot that may or may not be from the final build, hasn't been officially released by any official NBA2K outlet. Hopefully we'll see improved looks later on.



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